1. You are responsible that you are physically fit enough to undertake cycling any distance.Planet Green Bikes does not accept ny responsibility for your failure to complete your hire period due to  lack  of fitness,illness or injury.

2. Any damage caused due to crash or neglect is the customer's responsibility and will be changed for.

3.You will notify planet Green Bikes immediately of any loss,damage or theft to the hired cycles or equipment.you will be responsible for paying planet Green Bikes the reasonable costs of repair or repalcement for any such loss,damage or theft.

4.You will not offer for sale,sell,dispose,mortage,lend,pledge,or otherwise part with possession of the  hired cycles.

5. You will not hold Planet Green Bikes responsible for any loss,damaged caused or injury including  death to persons or property with regards to use of the cycles and equipment hired.

6. You will ensure that you have a suitable insurance cover all time during the period of your hire.

7. You are liable to pay fine if you fail to return Bicycle dock within 24 hours.

8. Riders agree that RIDER will not ride a bike in DRUNK stage.

9. Rider membership of Planet Green Bikes can be terminated if required by the company if required.

10 . Payment in full will be charged by the company to rider for any damaged to cycle.If rider fails to pay damaged amount to company.Company may take serious action towards Rider.