Tariff Chart

  1. One time membership charges Rs 1000/- (Non-Refundable).
  2. After paying the membership charges you will be charged @ Rs 10/- per hour or part thereof.
  3. Your minimum wallet balance should be Above Rs 100 to unlock the Bicycle.

    All the rates mentioned are inclusive of GST.
  4. RENTAL - The Rental cost is as per Tariff decided by Planet Green Bikes made available on the website www.planetgreenbikes.in. To end your ride, the Bicycle must be parked and locked at the designated cycle stand only else the ride will not end and user will be charged continuously as per our tariff till the cycle is parked at the designated spot. A Penalty of Rs 25000 will be charged from the user if the Bicycle at anytime during or after end of ride (if not locked properly at the designated cycle stand) is lost/stolen/damaged.