Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic idea behind the Cycle Hiring Scheme at the cycle Shelters?

The basic idea behind the cycle shelters with the cycle hiring scheme is to encourage the eco friendly mode of transportation in Delhi,toreduce the number of vehicles on roads and the traffic congestion,pollution and accidents on road.The cyle hiring scheme will also help the general public in travellings short distances in economical way.

How do i become member?

You need to subscribe for the membership.youalso need to submit certain documents for identification and address proof.(Membership form available at the website with specifications)

What are the benefits of becoming member?

A member can hire a cycle at a discounted rate.He/she doesn't have to go through different formatlities each time he/she hires a cycle.

Can I hire a cycle for ovenight?

You can't retain the cycle with you overnight,you have the cycle at the shelters within the time limit.